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Foster a Pet

Do you want to help save a life? Fostering is the foundation to a rescue group. We cannot continue to save dogs without your help. The more foster homes we have available, the more dogs we can rescue.


Please fill out our foster application to become a foster parent!

Pitties and Pals Rescue covers all costs of fostering so all you need to do is provide love and a temporary home! 


The dogs are screened for health and behavioral issues prior to placing them in your home. We are available for guidance 24/7 and also have trainers available to assist. Our goal is to find all our dogs the best home possible in the shortest amount of time.  Please keep in mind, a foster dog remains in your care until it is adopted which could be anywhere from weeks, months to even a year. 


 Our Foster Process:

  • Fill out foster application

  • Once approved we will set up a meet with the dog you are interested in or one we feel would fit best 

  • If any other dogs are in the home, we will have to set up a meeting on neutral territory to see how they interact

  • It is a requirement your current pets are up to date on shots and neutered/spayed

  • We require a home visit

  • If no other dogs are in the home we can arrange the meet at your home at the time of home visit

  • We ask you try to be available to bring your foster dog to at least one adoption event each month

  • We do not allow any of our foster dogs in dog parks, ever.

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